Wednesday, 9 May 2012


The lounge echoes, the bare walls bounce back every sound, with no furniture to soak up at least some of the noise. 

The plastic chairs and table carry out their duties effectively, but they sure aren't the normal dining room table and chairs. 

The mobile phones have been good for catching up on snippets of emails or news. 

But now, finally, we have internet too. It's only been a fortnight without it, but it feels like so much more. However, proper communication is now (hopefully) restored, and so, (hopefully again), this blog will be too. Like I said, no furniture yet, but at least I'm getting the priorities in order... 

Thanks for sticking with me as the world around me changes. Normality (whatever that may be), will be restored very soon. 


Dan said...

Good to have you back finally :D

TAZ THE AMBO said...

Nice to see you got the in one piece and are returning to proper broadcasting.

drsolly said...

We missed you.

Nicki said...

Good luck!!! You are right...things will feel normal with time!

Anonymous said...

weyhey so glad you are ok and settling in.
best wishes