Wednesday, 14 March 2012



Right then, loyal readers, the voting is now open for the EMS Blog of the Year. 

I have, miraculously, been shortlisted. You now have seven days of nagging to look forward to. 

Therefore, GO VOTE! 

Subtle, ain't I? Or maybe, Subtle ain't me. Anyway, I'm up against some serious competition, most of whom I read regularly, and two of them I even nominated in the first place, so I really, REALLY need your votes. You get one vote each - so make 'em count! 

Thanks to all those who nominated me in the first place - I'm honoured to be on a list with some great bloggers. 


Kittycow said...

But... I have to choose! Between you, Siren Voices and Trauma Queen. Dear god, that's like having to choose between flavours of Green and Blacks chocolate! *whimper*

Anonymous said...

Only read your blog so you have my vote!!

Tina Biscuit said...

Well since I nominated you it would be rude not to.........and Trauma Queen let himself down by not blogging enough lately!

TAZ THE AMBO said...

Done and dusted Dude.

Michael Morse said...

Not only did I vote for you, I threatened others to do the same!