Sunday, 11 March 2012


As luck would have it,

we were on the way to a patient and not transporting at the time.

As luck would have it,

they were stood at the side of the road and not above it.

As luck would have it,

the brick shattered the glass in the back, not the front.

As luck would have it,

the trolley caught the brunt of the hit and not us.

Stupid kids.

Stupid games.

Lucky break.

But our patient had to wait for an ambulance that had all of its windows intact.


Anonymous said...

You should have turned around and run them over. No question about it.

Bobbi said...

Idiots. Are you ok? I hope stuff like that doesn't happen to you often.

MK said...

One of my coworkers also works in this city where a gang's initiation rite is to shoot at an ambulance that's running lights & sirens. What the hell is with people?

MSgt B said...

Hope you're allowed to "return" the brick to it's owner...

TAZ THE AMBO said...

And who do they want when they're hurt?