Thursday, 29 December 2011

The A to Z of 2011

Abuse on some staff, and Booze bus galore,
car crashesdrugs deaths of children and more.
Some eavesdropping stories and unhelpful friends,
girlfriends who cry when their boys make amends.

Hysterical children, invisible men.
Jokes on the nurses, knives out again.
Lives are saved and more memories learned,
Nero's a hero, a man's overheard.

Police under threat, questions ignored,
Riots in London and strikes 'cross the board.
Teddies tell stories that children can't share,
Uniforms and vests can't hide that we care.

Visions that haunt me, the writer's block time,
Arms that need X-rays, and yawning in rhyme.
And now as we near year's end, and this verse, 
I'm still lacking Zzz's, the Insomniac's curse. 


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Love this bit of lore--did you write it or find it somewhere to share with us?

InsomniacMedic said...

Written by my own fair hand (well, computer). Each letter of the alphabet links to a blog post from this year! Hope it works... :)

Stairlift Wit said...

Good work fella!

I think that in 2012 you ought to hold a meet for all your followers.

At first I thought a hooded up party, now I'm think a charity raft race!!

hilinda said...

Wow! Excellent job! Very impressive!
I need a few of those Zzzzzs myself.

Anonymous said...

crikey read the whole lot

MSgt B said...

Excellent work!
Give me a year or two and I'll give you a run for your money.
Saving this so I can link to it New Year's eve.

Dovid L. said...

Call me bored, or maybe just in some need of quality writing and some laughs, as well as some very thought provoking pieces, but I just went through ALL of those blogs, many for a second and some for a third time.
I think your writing is just brilliant and wish you and yours a great, healthy and safe 2012.
Thank you

Old NFO said...

Came over from MSGT B's blog, great post Sir! :-)

BragonDorn said...

Very nicely done! Happy New Year!