Friday, 28 October 2011


Some, over the years, have been badly hurt. 

Some, over the years, have been only lightly grazed. 

I guess they're the lucky ones. 

Assuming it's lucky to be stabbed.

Some had a wound so deep, they needed surgery right away. 

Some had a wound so shallow, the hospital sent them straight home, 

with a stitch or two and a warning. 

Some, bravado and ego getting the better of them, 

refused any treatment at all and ran off.

Two died. In front of me. 

When there was nothing I could do.

Others may have died later, but I'll never know.

Drop the damned knives, people. 

Stop destroying lives, people. 

Go live your lives, people, 

and stop tearing those lives apart. 


Anonymous said...

Well said, thankyou.
All schools should read this.
Best wishes

InsomniacMedic said...

I think that all schools have some form of education regarding the knife issue. The sad thing is that it's still so obviously ignored...