Sunday, 18 September 2011

Street Lights

The street lights off,

the normal orange glow replaced 

by the flashing blue lights of the police. 

They wave, the officers,

an unnecessary, well-meaning gesture 

to show me the way. 

They turn both their torches downwards

towards the floor,  

and look down, their heads bent 

as if in prayer.

She lies there, a mass of displaced, 

broken bones, 

a mangled, tangled mess, 

limbs misshapen, 

arms and legs scarred,


She stares, in silence, directly upwards,

past the darkened street lights,

past the trees, 

past the broken, open window, 

past the clouds. 

The sky responds, sheds tears of its own, 

and washes away the blood, the hurt, 

the pain. 

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