Friday, 9 September 2011


The feet appeared first, his legs skewed apart

mimicking the lines they draw in the movies.

His upper body hidden from view, the suspense building, 

following a plot like the movies.

Climbing over a table to see blood spattered walls,

and a gun lying spent on the floor. 

Finding him there, motionless, lifeless. 


Looking for some way to help. 

Finding none. 

Realising that this isn't the movies. 

And knowing, again, that happily-ever-after 

is often nothing more than a movie, a wish, a dream. 

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Crazy Cat Lady said...

I wanted to leave a comment because this post deserves recognition, I'm sure there have been many people that have read it and I like I on first reading not known what to say.

This post is why I could never do your job and why I thank you and your colleagues (all over the world) that you can.

Thank you.