Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Double Dutch

For me, being bilingual is more an accident of birth and upbringing than an actual talent. My skill for languages at school was somewhere up there with biology lessons. There are hundreds upon hundreds of different languages and dialects around the world, and, it seems, that there are people all over the place who want to read these ramblings but can't quite cope with my English. 

A few days ago, someone linked to this blog from Google's translation service, and translated the whole thing into Hindi. This is what it looks like. Cool, huh? 

I decided to give it a go, so I did the same into the other language I speak. 

It made for interesting reading. Re-translating it back to English would look a little like this: 

Ss;lfkh5 hds afh nphuIPOHUfaog7  ap7tfih  Toaieh oajef va2oieh a. 

Double Dutch at best. 

Totally, and completely, well, rubbish - Google translate still leaves much to be desired. 

So, my apologies to those of you who want to read these ramblings in any language other than English. I may translate them properly one day, but until then, I'd steer clear of online translations... 


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mack505 said...

You should see speech-to-text. My voicemail service translates (attempts to translate) messages and emails them to me. We've taken to calling the results Googlish, because they don't resemble any common dialect of English.

Anonymous said...

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