Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Counting Sheep

As I lay down my head to sleep,
I start to count a million sheep.
Them sheep, they laugh at me and say
no sleep tonight shall come your way.

I try to argue, beg and plead,
but those damn sheep, they pay no heed.
I press my case, express my sorrow,
Explain my schedule for tomorrow.

I start the count from the beginning,
losing track whilst they are winning.
They laugh and gambol 'cross the field,
Yet heavy eyelids will still not yield.

I change the tactic, skip the sheep,
get out of bed, downstairs I creep.
Try TV or sit and read,
Pray for sleep in time of need.

I fail, and fail, and fail some more,
Insomnia is such a bore.
But then, a glint of hope, of joy,
I've come up with a cunning ploy.

Those teasing, those tormenting sheep,
will now no longer stop my sleep.
They will no more just sit and stare
as I lie still and pull my hair.

My plan involves a plate of meat,
Those sheep's wool coats now not so neat.
My diner now adds to the tab,
as I tuck in to lamb kebab...


Anonymous said...

Something tells me you and I have very similar thought processes, and unfortunatly , our brains cant jsut shut down while there is work being done.Might a recommend a good whisky?

A caring Neighbour

Anonymous said...

I have always wished for a shut off button for my brain.

Eileen said...

Love it - and I love lamb too!!!! (And in case I've never mentioned it, love the blog too).

BTW - off topic I know but could someone tell Basicsdoc that his site refuses to allow me to post congrats on his ride with my google ID - and since there are no comments it might just be that there is a major gremlin haunting him!

InsomniacMedic said...

Anon1 - a decent whisky is always a good idea... but it doesn't help me sleep :)

Anon2 - a mute button would work for me too, at least as a temporary reprieve!

Eileen - Thanks for the vote of approval :)
I think that all comments have to be approved over at chez RRD, so it's possible he's not had chance to look at any messages! Perhaps he's been allowed some time off for good behaviour??? :)

Michael Morse said...

Well done, IM! I find that when I can't sleep, eventually I will. Sounds nuts but it takes the stress out of it.

Eileen said...

No - blogger just chucks it out whatever I try, says my Google account isn't valid. Have had the same problem with a couple of other sites but not the majority, most accept me ;-) I get fed up fighting with google!

And the WV here today? anoin, yes, annoying!

smartwombat said...

blogger crashed for me too with my google ID.

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