Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Night After

It was one of those nights. I only saw five patients. 

1) Drunk, fallen asleep in the street. Told me to get lost. Not quite as politely as that, however. Then proceeded to walk straight into a wall.

2) Drunk, fallen over in the street. Told me I need a shave, which I do, and that I speak good English for a Chinaman, which I'm not. Also, I need to go back to China, where I come from, "'cos we don't need no more foreigners in the country." Nice.

3) Drunk, fallen over at home, slightly apologetic. Slightly better natured than the previous two. Things were looking up. But not for long.

4) Drunk, violent and nasty, high on drugs to boot. I got covered in his blood as well as mine as I tried to stop him killing both himself and me, before the police turned up and looked after him. Things were looking grim again. 

5) Drunk, unconscious and very seriously injured after a high speed impact with the road. Definitely grim. Grim for me, as it was pouring with rain, but that's nothing. It's much more grim for him. He's probably going to die, assuming he hasn't already.

I'm back at work in a few hours. The night after the night before. I hope it's a better one. For everyone.


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Thank you for all you do every shift. The drunks don’t appreciate you or your crew but those of us with brains and hearts are forever grateful for what you all do every dang day.

Bobbi said...

Are you ok? 'The night after' sounds ominous. If not, get well soon, and if you are ok, good - the last thing we need is some of our angels in green, as us Johnnies call them, being injured.

Nicki said...

Hope the nights get better for you!!! How do you say that in Chinese? =)