Monday, 25 July 2011


It's nothing fancy, the end of year gift, just a simple mug. If teachers are anything like paramedics, and I think there's a lot in common, they need their cup of coffee refilling regularly. On the back of the mug there's a short inscription: 

A teacher preserves the past, 

reveals the present

and creates the future. 

Simple, but true. 

I can only regret the fact that I never, in my entire school career, had a teacher like the one this mug was bought for. Someone who has left such a positive impression, has been so inspiring, so enthusiastic over the few years he has taught my child. Some things are written in pencil, but it seems that his mark has been left in indelible ink. 

As paramedics, we only have a very brief period of time to make our impressions. Often it's a once in a lifetime experience for patients and their families, and often, even if they remember nothing else, they recall how they were treated not only as a patient, but as a person. 

It's left me wondering what a similar mug would read, if instead of teachers, it were dedicated to paramedics. 


scattybird said...

A Paramedic preserves life
prolongs the present
and gives people back their future!

Carl said...

Wow, what scattybird said.

Talking about teachers, I'm fortunate enough to have been on the receiving end of some great teachers. When I was 8 years old I used to sit and listen to a great teacher reading Michael Rosen poems. 23 years later, I've been reading the same poems to my own children. I've been reading those poems *because* of that teacher.

For the record (not wanting to start any political debate here) I never went to private school.

Fee said...

Yes, what scattybird said.

Pyromedic said...

A few years ago I'd have suggested "Warning - Filling with tea will result in job being sent!"

...these days mine would say "Ha Ha! You got put on break!"

manchesteregg said...

And on the eighth day GOD created PARAMEDICS.....

So FIremen could have heroes too..… ;-)