Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dot Com

I know you'd never guess it (ahem), but really, computers and me are not the best of friends. They know more about me than I'll ever know about them. Scary really. 

I'm still slightly scared of the "Esc" key in case I escape from something that then turns out to be irretrievable. 

I have no idea what most of the "F" keys do, except that "F1" is supposed to mean Help! I've tried using it when my coffee cup runs dry, but nothing seems to happen. 

It took me two months from when I started to work out how to add links, and even longer to sort out pictures.

And editing HTML? You might as well ask me to count from one to one hundred in Xhosa

But give me a chance. I mean, it's only taken me thirty-several years to work out that painting a flat, square chunk of wall isn't all that difficult. Neither, for that matter, is dropping a gallon of paint all over your laminate floor, but more on that maybe some other time.

Nevertheless, I have finally (and probably two plus-years later than I should have done), organised my own domain. So, no longer need you type all the long winded addresses should you want to find my ramblings, you can just go and ask for......... *DRUMROLL* ..........

I shan't put a link on here, as you're already here, and that would be weird. 

For now, you will see no difference, and if you head for the old address you'll still end up here. The blog will still appear on the blogger host, but hopefully, some big things may follow. In the meantime, thanks for visiting again and again to read the rantings, ramblings and general musings of a sleep-deprived wannabe writer. 


Maaatt said...

To be honest, while I am vaguely proficient with some aspects of computers, the only one of the 'f' keys I bother with is f5, to refresh the screen due to whatever calamity I've managed to cause on a webpage. it may be my imagination but the blog loaded up quicker than normal. Spooky..

mack505 said...

Congratulations, IM. I don't know what you have planned, but moving off Blogger into my own domain running Wordpress was the best thing I ever did for my blog. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

haha I don't know what you were talking about, so am glad I can still get you on my bookmark thingy.
I can't even get to grips with copy and paste - heyho
best wishes

Wannabe Paramedic said...

The only F key I know is F6 and the mutes my speakers on my laptop. Yay for domain!