Monday, 27 June 2011

Can't Cure Stupid

I think, that rather than preventing my kids from leaving the car at the wrong time, I need to child-lock myself in my car sometimes. 

On route to work, I was followed for almost ten minutes by another car with a small child on the front seat. Then on the back seat. Then back to the front. 

In uniform, out of sorts, and stopped at a set of traffic lights, I could bear it no more. 

I got out of my car, knocked on the window, and was about to suggest to driver that an unrestrained child is not only illegal, but it's damned stupid, and that I didn't much fancy the idea of being the medic at the scene of an accident who had to break the news that her child's dead. Because she's stupid.

Stupid wasn't the half of it. 

On the back seat, secured by not one but two seat belts, was a brand new television. 

"Your TV is strapped in, and your child isn't? What's wrong with you?" I didn't mean to yell, but my red-headed temper got the better of me.

As luck would have it, a passing police car saw the altercation and came to tell me off, assuming another road rage incident (they were only partially wrong), only to see the real problem.

I left them to it. 


S said...

That's one of the things that drives me insane, that and smoking over your child or while pregnant. Do these people really not care about their children at all?

Anonymous said...

xD How can their child's safety be rated lower than a TV's?

Safetyman said...

The penalties for not wearing a seatbelt & using a mobile phone while driving are far too low. The insurance companies should hike the premiums for those convicted and pass the benefit to the rest of us.

Keep up the good work & keep safe.

burned-out medic said...

this is too much.

Eileen said...

See it all the time here in Italy - the country that is supposed to worship its children. Here it is illegal to smoke in the presence of a pregnant woman - still see it though. And the excuse that makes me want to hit anyone who doesn't get the importance of tying a child into its seat "Oh, but they don't like being in the seat" Nearly 30 years ago, in the early days of child seats, if mine "got out" (very small and agile) I stopped and refused to go anywhere until they complied. You let your toddler be the boss???????