Sunday, 13 February 2011

Rag Dolls

So far this weekend, I've seen several vehicles whose wheels have been in a somewhat naturally untennable position. Here's one that I didn't witness, but makes for shocking viewing!

Watch as the bus is hit. From inside the bus involved. Watch how they all stand mortified at the impending crash, and how they're each affected by it. Like rag-dolls in a washing machine. Makes you wonder how there were no serious injuries, and think about what happens in a crash. Especially when there are unrestrained passengers...

Now THAT's what I call Mechanism of Injury.

Remember - wear your anti rag-doll device. Popularly known as seatbelts.


Anonymous said...

funny to think that we (well, most of us) take wearing seatbelts for granted, but i clearly remember in 1982 when it became law (for a 10 year trial period) to wear seatbelts (in the front only)... and it was the mid 90's if i remember correctly that it became law to wear them in the back.

hilinda said...

I also remember when it became law here to wear seatbelts. I was relieved because there were people I cared about who didn't usually wear one, and I knew that now they would.
But one friend protested vehemently, and insisted no one could make her wear one if she didn't want to, and she didn't, and wasn't going to... etc.
She died a few years later, ejected through her windshield in a head-on collision.

Stagknight said...

I wish that public buses had seat belts, I for one would feel better with at least a lap strap on.
What really gets me annoyed though is the bus driver not letting people, especially the old, infirm, or disabled sit down before pulling away, these drivers also have a habit of tutting loudly when an old lady slides on her bum down the bus and lands next to him. What harm would a ten second pause do before pulling out in front of a car, the bus is already 20 minutes late!

Fee said...

Safe to say that bus wasn't going to keep it's schedule! Amazing no-one was killed.

I agree with Stagknight on seatbelts, but I can't see them being used much if they were fitted. A mate who drives a taxi has arguments every day of the week with passengers who don't want to 'belt up'.