Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I know I posted this on Twitter yesterday, but it was too good not to share here.

Normally, on Countdown, the contestants have thirty seconds to solve the letter and number puzzles.

Do you think they should have 8 minutes to respond to this one?


Anonymous said...

no, because it's so easy to be almost trivial!

25+75 = 100
10*100 = 1000
1000-1 = 999

Joe said...

Anonymous: It's a joke...
The number to reach is 999
Dial 999 = 8 Minutes to reach the scene for CatA/Red calls

Perhaps they should have 8 minutes, however, in these 8 minutes they've got to run around the studio in circles whilst they work it out, during which time random members of the audience will try to trip them up or slow them down.
The director and producer of the show should give them no support whatsover.
Throw in a bit of abuse, a bus-load of noisy/asleep drunks, and it might even things up a bit.
Lastly, as long as they're sat back in their chair within the 8 minutes, they win, it doesn't matter if they can do the maths or not!

Jenny said...

surely once you've completed it in the 8 mins (with the obstacle course suggested above), once you get to the destination in the 8 mins - the available numbers should change - because after all how often are things as they are given?

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the target figure of 999 should change, several times over the course of the 8 mins. Each time starting the clock off again? Then, eventually the original 999 number reappears, and that's the final number you have to get to...

Me? Cynical? Maybe ;)


Anonymous said...

Joe - i know.

but allowing 8 minutes to make 999 from those numbers would be like expecting an ambulance to take 8 minutes to reach a call relating to someone who fell over and broke their leg on the pavement just outside the station...

(sorry, i'm more of a countdown geek than a paramedic!)