Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Motorcycle Response

A motorcycle response unit is parked on the edge of a pavement, keeping both road and pavement clear for traffic as well as pedestrians. 

The paramedic, a friend of mine, is in the house tending to a critically ill patient. 

When they return to their bike, this is the graffiti they find scrawled on the clearly marked, safely parked, bright yellow, blue-light, emergency ambulance motorbike:

It's not too clear, so just to help, it reads as follows: 

"Learn to park. Roads for vehicles, pavements for people!" 

The audacity of some people in this wonderful city of ours, often astounds, upsets and saddens me. I just hope the "artist" never needs our help. 


Joe said...

Truly saddening that the British education system has failed somebody so miserably that drawing on emergency vehicles seems like an acceptable thing to do.

I can only hope that they try it again, and some helpful anonymous person introduces their size 10s to their behind! And it's not often that I'd condone violence!

It angers me so much that some people just don't think of the repercussions. There's the cost of removing it, potentially respraying the bike, the loss of the highly skilled individual from the road for potentially the rest of the shift. All for the sake of a 30 second giggle for some moron.

Of course, it's the governments fault though! Ha!

Mental101 said...

I can't believe the audocity of some people. I was walking home from a friends earlier and there was an ambulance parked in one lane of the duel carriage way with their hazzards on. One person didn't realise and nearly drove right in to the back of them. He then proceeded to sound his horn at them and start shouting at them to get out of his way as he was in a rush! I just looked on with disbelief.

Michael Morse said...

I don't know how many times I've been told to "Move that thing!" during an emergency. It really is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I had to call the police once because a driver was getting so angry at us for blocking a side road during the school hour.

What these kinds of people really need is a boot enema.

Simon said...

It is sad that people do that :(

Hopefully, the won't be needing the valuable services of the emergency services any time soon.

CSI Guy said...

It really is shocking isn't it?!