Tuesday, 21 December 2010


By order of InsomniacMedic after last weekend's horrendous shifts:

All parents or soon to be parents of babies and young children must:

1) Undertake a basic paediatric first aid course. And refresh it regularly.

2) Have child-friendly Calpol / Tylenol / Ibuprofen on tap. I mean it. A never ending supply. And know how and when to use it.

3) Be aware that ambulances are for emergencies. We're here for you and your child whenever you need us. But we're not here for common colds.

4) If necessary, take a course in common sense. It's not as common as it should be.

This order has no expiry date.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Can the same go for A&E as well.

Anonymous said...

almost back to back Pyrexic children ,,,,, thank god im off for Christmas

Sue said...

We had someone bring their child in by ambulance in the early hours of the morning with earache. In and out of the dept in 5 mins- go home and give her some calpol.

And parents who just grab their kids and run to A&E when they cut themselves, rather than cleaning the cut and seeing how big it is first.

I did overhear a woman say that she doesn't take her kids to the Dr but instead goes to A&E as 'you only have to wait an gour'. Rather got to me as my mum had spent 4 days refusing to ring the Dr back for her increasing SoB insisting that the antibiotics would work. Sadly not as SOB due to silent anterior MI the week before. Heart failure, cardiogenic shock and cardiac arrest - PEA, 10 mins CPR then they called it.

Anonymous said...

Can I add Piriton to your list??? My four year old had a reaction to some facepaint last week, it is so reassuring to know you open the cupboard and there is the stuff that will make them better.
Ps Dear chemist shops. Please stock more orange flavour medicines, they go down with much less fuss!

Tom said...

Hear, hear!

Pyrexic child, one after the other, with the odd adult with 'flu like symptoms' for good measure.

I've never done so many GP calls in one week as I have this week!

(Compulsory, but wholly uneccessary GP calls IMHO)


Anonymous said...

Babies should be sent home from maternity with a bottle of calpol.

PAul said...

Yeah Tom, I hear you on the "flu-like symptoms".

Having been to the GP twice when coughing up blood, I now know how much is not enough to worry about.
And I'll only bother him on the 3rd week of coughing, because "it'll clear up in a week with antibiotics or 7 days without" most time I get the symptoms.
But I don't get the 'flu shot.

Mind you if it hurts her to breathe, and my wife is coughing so much she can't catch her breath, or use her inhalers - I'll take her straight round before the asthma gets her too.
And I make sure she gets her 'flu shot each year.

But no ambutaxi thanks, we'll manage.

Anonymous said...

Worked in paeds a & e for a few weeks...couldn't agree more...parents called ambulances for the most ridiculously little injuries and/or concerns - and then wanted a ride back in it when told they could go home a few mins later...