Sunday, 5 December 2010


Do you ever get that feeling?

You know,

the one where you've done everything possible,

done it to the best of your ability,

brought about a good result,

improved a condition that was rapidly deteriorating,

but nevertheless felt that something was lacking?


That feeling.

I did. Just the other day.


I just hope the kid's on the mend.

I couldn't have done any more.

The worst thing is,

that I'll never really know

why I had that feeling, or

what I should have done about it.


Just Me said...

Oh, I know *exactly* how you feel. It happens to me on very regular basis. Maybe it's because I'm still new, I don't know. But the fretting is awful even though you *know* you gave it your all.

Kelvin said...

Don't you get that feeling about all your 'bad' jobs? The fact that you never know the outcome? Whether you actually made a difference?

Michael Morse said...

Sometimes all we do isn't enough. But then, sometimes it is, and that is what keeps me coming back.

Nicki said...

I get them often and I just have to remind myself that I did my best at the time and the rest is out of my hands or else I would go nuts. I am sure you gave the kid the best possible chances!!!

E.J. said...

Are you able to follow up with the personnel at the hospital to discuss your lingering thoughts?

I worked in EMS prior to becoming a neonatal ICU nurse. While I do miss the prehospital autonomy, the good part of my current job is that there are tons of people to debrief with when I feel like something wasn't quite right.