Monday, 1 November 2010

Shake Up

A short disruption to your day:
The blog roll at the right hand side of this page has been updated.
Some who have started blogging have been added.
Some who have stopped blogging have been removed.
And some who I've been following for ages, but forgot to add to the list, have now found their rightful place.
Go. Read. Learn. Enjoy.
And if you're a blogger who links to me, and I haven't linked back, let me know.
As you were.


Nicki said...

Hey there. Newly following! I am an EMT in New York. I will enjoy reading your posts!!

transportjockey said...

Been following yours for a while on my blogroll :) I always love reading it.

minimedic said...

You're linked on my blogroll...and I've been following you on Twitter as well!