Sunday, 21 November 2010

Handover Carnival - October 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, it's still happening. The Handover Carnival is still taking place, where a different blogger each month takes the reins and chooses a subject to be covered by EMS bloggers world-wide. This month, well, actually, we're about a month in arrears due to our Aussie friend over at Flobach Republic's world going a little nuts (it's OK, Flobach, we forgive you!) the subject was Wearing is Caring.
What do EMS providers world wide wear when they go to work? What do they carry with them? And why?
I'm surprised each and every month to find at least one more blog that I'd never heard of before, each telling their story of EMS from a different perspective.
And just as a bonus, an old post of mine made it onto the list too...
So go, click on the link above, and enjoy an easy Sunday's reading!

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Just Me said...

Thanks for posting and showing your support for the Handover :)