Friday, 22 October 2010

Six Hundred Patients

There are regular callers.

There are frequent callers.

There are nuisance callers.

There are abusive callers.

Recently I took in one of our locals who is all of the above.

It was a milestone A&E visit for this year.

All by ambulance.

It was their 600th visit.

That's six hundred patients who had to wait.


Chris said...

That's disgusting these are the people we should be charging and i don't just mean money if their is nothing wrong with people that keep calling ambulances for no reason then they should be punished!

Eileen said...

They should 1) be billed and have the cost stopped from any benefit payments they may be entitled to or, diectly at source, in the unlikely event they are actually employed and 2) be given the job, under close supervision, of cleaning out, by hand, the ambos which have been vomited and pooped on during the course of a weekend shift in the centre of town.

Gilbert and Sullivan had some good ideas.

Mental101 said...

How many times have you taken them? What is their reasoning for it? They need to be prosecuted by police for wasting time.

oneunder said...

My favorite had over 2000 visits to one hospital in one year. not all by ambulance but a hell of a lot and always with chest pain after only 2 drinks.

Michael Morse said...

I wish I could say unbelievable, but it is all too common. Guess we just have to grin and bear it.

Pie said...

Haha, I looked after a lady in A&E who had nearly 1500 previous attendances. She normally called an ambo for "abdo pain" but if crew tried to leave her at home she suddenly developed "chest pain".
The trouble with pts like this is that we all know them. All the ambo crews know them. All the A&E nurses and doctors know them. So we don't treat them like a serious pt. We just "oh, it's Mrs Bloggs again, only do 1 set of obs, and don't bother with an ecg". These people who cry wolf won't get help one day when they need it because they've abused the system and the staff of the system for so so long.

Anonymous said...

That is shocking. Do the frequent flyers lack the mental capacity to understand that they are putting lives at risk?
I have only ever called an ambulance once, to my then baby son who had difficulty breathing breathing and was at blue lips stage. Longest few minutes I have ever waited in my life for anyone. The thought that someone playing these games could leave a seriously ill baby waiting longer for an ambulance is terrible.

Jack Stirling said...

I had the very same patient, I've had the same patient 3 times already. On the three occasions I picked him up from Train or Bus Stations. I've tried everything to get the patient off the streets but to no avail.