Sunday, 24 October 2010

Light Bulb

"You have a scratch on your cheek."

"The dog did it."

"Where's the dog?"

"It's in the back room."

"Can we see it?"

Door opens, and rat-sized dog appears.

"That's it?"

"Yup. That's it."

"And you called an ambulance for...?"

"Well, it scratched my face and I was bleeding."

"You had a scratch on your face and you called an ambulance?"

Friends and family all laugh.

"Ever cut yourself shaving?"


"I see. Ever call an ambulance for it?"


A look of understanding registers on his face. You can imagine how the rest of the conversation went.

It's like a light bulb suddenly came on in a dark, dark room.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet you had a ruff time dealing with that call!

oneunder said...

Did he scream when you checked his blood sugar?

Fee said...

Next time, find the biggest needle in the ambulance and offer a tetanus jag!

Anonymous said...

Well, doggone!

burned-out medic said...

so why didn't his friends and family stop him from calling the ambulance?