Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ambulance Matters

The UK's first ever ambulance based podcast, Ambulance Matters, has posted it's first episode.

It was started, and is hosted by none other than Mark of 999medic fame, who realised that after several similar ideas are up-and-running in the US of A, it was high time that we had one based here.

This first episode has a raft of guests from across the globe, and they discuss a blog posted by yours truly about the changes coming to the ambulance service, at least in London.

I'm honoured that something I've written is the first port of call for another leap in the world of social media in the UK ambulance service.

It's just a shame that my shifts prevented me from joining in.

You, however, now have no excuse. So go, listen, and join in the discussion, at least in the comments section!

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