Wednesday, 4 August 2010


An ambulance, parked in the middle of the road, sometimes obstructs the traffic. We apologise, but if there's nowhere else to park, there's nowhere else to park.
An ambulance, parked up, doors shut, but lights on, probably has some dedicated staff inside tending to a needy patient.
That dedicated staff, it may surprise you to know, is not only dedicated, but skilled.
And that patient, despite the indignity of being in an ambulance that may be obstructing the traffic, is still entitled to privacy.
On the outside of the ambulance, on each of the doors into the treatment area, there is a notice. "Please knock and wait. Patient treatment in progress". It's printed in large red letters.
When a doctor is seeing a patient, in their own surgery, the door is shut. For privacy reasons. People knock before they enter, and wait to be invited in.
So why, Doctor, did you feel it was your right to swing the doors of the ambulance open whilst we were treating the patient?
"I'm a doctor!", you sneered. No knock, and no wait. "Do you need my help?" you asked.
"I'm important!", is what we heard. "And can you please get out of my way?", you must have added.
"I don't remember inviting you in", was answered. "And you certainly didn't knock", was added.
We don't barge in on your patients when you're treating them. Don't you dare presume that you're allowed to do it to us.
Rudeness and oneupmanship will guarantee you one thing, doctor. And it most certainly isn't that we'll clear the road any quicker for you.


Jack Stirling said...

Hi insomniacmedic your posts are interesting..what did you think of mine??

Anonymous said...



Saint Para said...

I *expect* that sort of behavior from many of the general public round my way (The barging in and asking (or more likely telling) us to move rather than "do you need my help" bit - and by expect I in no way mean "accept", "appreciate" or "want").

However, to get that sort of behavior from a fellow medical "professional" (the Dr in this case clearly lacks some professionalism) is totally out of order.

Don't suppose they said what sort of Dr they were? Or a name of the PCT / Trust they work for so that it can be suggested to their employers that the individual needs some update training on Professionalism & manners!!

HybridMedic said...

I tell them you are only getting in here if a) you are related and/or b) you plan on riding with me to the emergency department. Usually they get out and close the door. Other times I need the cops.

RapidResponseDoc said...

*hangs head in shame at actions of colleagues*

InsomniacMedic said...

Thanks all for comments again!
I realise that there are rude people in all walks of life and all professions, but somehow I expected more of a fellow medical person... Which made it blogworthy. I think...
And RRD - I hope you realise it wasn't having a go at doctors in general, just this one in particular!

Anonymous said...

Shocking...quite shocking! Who treated the Doc once you'd dealt with him?!?!?!

TOTWTYTR said...

People actually do that to the point where you have to have signs on the ambulances? Really? I'm flabbergasted.

I've had "family" or pretend family, do that, but never total strangers, let alone someone pretending to be a doctor.

I wouldn't have been so nice.