Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Opening the door of the ambulance, there's a noise.

An almost feral scream.

Entering the house, there's a noise.

An accusatory shout, querying the delay.

As the kit is prepared, there's a noise.

A low groan, panting, pushing.

As it's being born, there's a noise.

A parent's question, checking the baby's welfare.

Once the baby makes a full appearance, there's no noise.

No noise at all.

As it arrives, it's blue, lifeless. Silent.

We warm it, dry it, breathe for it.

After a few forced breaths, there's a noise.

The noise of a newborn's cry.

As the lungs open up and greet the world, there's a noise.

A loud, high-pitched, life-saving noise.

The most beautiful noise in the world.


Deborah said...


(had me worried there.....)

Saint Para said...

I like noisy children/infants/babies. It means they are breathing. This makes me happy. And less clenched. After that day with 3 jobs as children Red 1's - well I've had enough for a while!

RD said...

Great Post!

Michael Morse said...

Wow. I'm glad this is one of my regular stops. Kind of made my day. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

phew indeed!


Day said...

Don't do that to me...I nearly had another Toy Story 3 moment!!!!!!

Ambulance Amateur said...

This is where I REALLY envy you guys!