Thursday, 26 August 2010

Kids' TV

Postman Pat.

Bob the Builder.

Fireman Sam.

Handy Manny.

PC Plod in Noddy.

Need I list any more? All these children's programmes have as either their central or sideline characters someone with a fun job, one that the creators of the shows want to show in a positive light.

You know what, there are even the mundane jobs - Peppa Pig's dad is an office worker!

The truth is, I can't think of any kids' TV character as a doctor, but how would you portray God on kids TV?

(Keep yer hair on, it's a joke...)

So where, I ask you, is the kids' show about ambulances? Where is Peter Paramedic? The only ambulance that I can think of in a kids' show is in Fireman Sam, and that's driven and, ahem, manned, by Nurse Flood!

I vote to start another TV revolution!

All those in favour say AYE!

And whilst you're voting, send me suggestions for what we'd call it...


Sean said...


Sean said...

Medic Mike; Paramedic Pam, EMS Eoin. You name it. Aye, again!

Charlie2Hotel said...

cBeebies CoEMS??

Lizzie said...

Pedro the Paramedic, gotta be culturally diverse you know! His partner would, of course, be a woman. We can call her Emily the EMT.

trojan631 said...

There is also a police man in Postman Pat and Handy Manny (Handy Many even has a fire cheif in it also)

Theres jungle junction that has a croc thats a fireman, and a bird thats a policeman lol

I guess the reason there is not a ems type person is because it means someone would have to be hurt and thats not what "parents" want their little darlings to see.

But *AYE* i am for it lol

Oh did you get my reply to your e-mail?


Anonymous said...

After a little research (asking a 6 year old) I found out the there has been a doctor on Higglytown Heroes on Disney. Wikipedia confirms this however the doctors are single episode characters

At first I though you must be wrong but I couldn't think of any, and this is the best I managed.


emily said...

I thought I remembered a claymation hospital programme from my babysitting years.

Mary said...

How about Cory the coroner and Morty the mortician? Aye! Anyone?

Ambulance Amateur said...

Obviously the Paramedic has to be either Petra or Peter.

The programme could be called "Taxi". Oh, sorry, I'm told that one has already gone!

The Explorer said...

Completetly agree!

On a related note, I've been looking for a toy ambulance recently, dinky-car kind of scale, and they're just impossible to find. I can find no end of police and fire trucks, vans, cars, motorbikes and helicopters, but I could only find one "ambulance" as a 4x4 that was identical to the police one except the colouring and label.

As well as TV shows we need to get the toys out there too!

Anonymous said...

maybe the characters could teach some basic first aid in the show.

Paramedic Junior said...

There's Hilltop Hospital