Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A Conversation

On the 100 metre walk to where the patient lay in the middle of the makeshift football pitch:

"I've put a bandage on his leg".

"Great. What happened?"

"He was playing football, stepped on the ball, and fell over. There was a wicked crack."

"Have you moved him?"

"No. I just put a bandage on his leg."

"Is there lots of bleeding?"

"Well, no. Not really. The bone is sticking out of his leg, but not a lot of blood."

"Hm. Sounds broken to me".

"Don't think it's broken. The bone's sticking out, but there wasn't a lot of blood, so it can't be. Yeah. Pretty sure it isn't broken."



flobach said...

And? Was it broken? Was it? C'mon, tell us the story, I want to find out! Can't wait for the ending!

Mind you, you gotta love the optimism :-)

flobach said...
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Ian said...

Nah, won't be broken. Might be fractured tho.... ;-)

Lizzie said...

Wait, wait...someone actually said this? Did you pick them up and take them with you? You know, to the pysch ward?

Anonymous said...

Even I'm not that thick! Dr Abuse!!

Ross said...

Wow... Optimist to the end.