Monday, 28 June 2010

Toilet Humour

So I know that it wasn't Jeramedic who started this meme (I had to learn what a meme was too...), but as he tagged me, I'm blaming him for it. He wanted to know, and now you'll all find out...

I'm not normally one to partake of these 21st century chain letters, but as I know that the whole subject is one of constant irritation to MrsInsomniacMedic, I couldn't really resist.

This whole idea was started by Lissa. Nope, I've no idea who that is either - but as she's started the whole thing, I guess she gets the credit too.

And now, whether you wanted to or not, you'll find out what sits on the bookshelf in the bathroom. OK, it's the window sill, and not yet a bookshelf, but still.

1) There are the books that are there permanently. Probably my favourite cartoon strip of all times. Because of the sleeping issue. Because of the coffee issue. Because of the wicked sense of humour issue.

I. Love. Garfield.

So I have two books of the comic strip in there.

2) There is the book that I'm currently reading. My taste in novels ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous, from new to old, from Harry Potter to To Kill a Mockingbird, but at the moment it's Enigma by Robert Harris, on the Enigma machines used by the Nazi regime to send coded messages, and the attempts at breaking that code.

3) Then, of course, is my favourite book ever. The book which this blog was originally named after, and to which there are many references, some subtle and some not so, throughout. It is, of course, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I started reading this book (and the other four of the increasingly inaccurately named trilogy) on the train to school. I'd giggle quietly to myself and get some funny looks, which then became stares of embarrassment and even concern when the giggles turned to roaring laughter. Today, it's my insomnia partner. When, once again, I can't sleep, I pick it up out of the bathroom and read it in bed, knowing lots of it almost off by heart. And still roaring with laughter. I guess you could call it toilet humour...

So now, who do I tag? I think I'll try to send this round the world.

I guess I'll have to pick on Fishmedic to start with as our European representative, despite the recent football score.

For someone in the UK, but outside of the medical field, I'm going to tag The Buffoon, as his blog has much the same effect on me as Hitchhikers.

And last but not least, all the way on the other side of the world, Flobach is invited to share his readings too!
Happy Reading!


Bee said...

Yes! Every bathroom should have a copy of The Hitchhikers Guide. I fear I went a bit too far on this one and have the entire collection on a shelf in my loo.

Anonymous said...

mrs anonymous has always longed for a library. somewhere she can sit in silence, reading a book. no tv. no computer. for a long time my answer was "well, when we can afford a really big house, you can get your library".

then i had a bright idea. i put some books on the downstairs toilet windowsill. there's a seat. no tv. no computer. a lock on the door to keep the kids out. and she doesn't even need to get up to go to the toilet.

funnily enough she wasn't impressed.....

Fee said...

I have a Garfield book in the loo as well. He's in the company of Calvin & Hobbes (used to have Wicked Willie in there but then the children learned how to read!).