Friday, 4 June 2010

The Name Game

The story so far:

You know all about 999Medic and his journey to San Francisco.

You know all about HappyMedic and his return journey to the UK.

And you know all about the Chronicles of EMS and their efforts to bring this (ad)venture to the masses.

Well, now that you know all about it, how about becoming part of it?
Become part of the evolving world of EMS.

Join one of the productions.

Anywhere in the world.

The Reality Series at Chronicle of EMS needs a new by-line. Something catchy. Something exciting. Something that will tell the world all about it. And you could be the one to choose it. If you do, you'll win a MASSIVE prize. All you need to do, is join the Chronicles site, and follow the instructions from there.

Trust me, it's worth a look, and definitely worth having a go.

I will be.


medic999 said...

Thanks for the support Ben!

Get your thinking cap on, just think how cool it would be to come and work with Justin and I in New York!!

InsomniacMedic said...

The coolest thing in coolsville! I'm working on it! :D