Friday, 18 June 2010


Blogsphere is an amazing place.
First, I started reading blogs.
Then I started following them.
Then, twice, I started writing them.
After a while I made contact with some other writers.
Whilst some of these writers decided to meet each other on opposite sides of the Atlantic.
Finally, this week, I had my own meeting with an overseas blogger/paramedic.
Fishmedic, AKA Sam, a paramedic and blogger from Germany, decided that on his short visit to London, he'd like to see a little of the whats, whys, wherefores and hows of the London Ambulance Service, at least as I see and experience them.
Through the wonders of social media and other forms of communication, a meeting at station was arranged.
So he came, he saw, he took photos (thankfully not with me in them), we talked.
And we drank coffee. When he asked for cream with his coffee, (in English that is better than most English people I know) I muttered something about this being the NHS, and that we can only afford milk.
Anyway, we compared notes and systems and were each shocked about things we see as lacking, and inspired by ideas we liked. It was entertaining, educational, eye-opening, and lots of other things beginning with the letter 'E'.
Chronicles of EMS - see what trouble you've caused!
Hmmmm, maybe that's an idea for the byline competition...


oneunder said...

It would be good to hear about the inspiring things.

Ambulance Amateur said...

If Sam ever blogs in English, and many Germans seem to speak it better than we do, I'd love a link.

Sam @fishmedic said...

Wow, you actually wrote a blogpost with my name in the title. I'm flattered!
It was both a pleasure and an honour (BE spelling, ha!) to meet you! Thank you for making the effort on such short notice.

And while I do prefer milk, I asked for cream, because I felt it was the right thing to do in Britain. :)

@Ambulance Amateur:
As a matter of fact my blog is in English. But I shall warn you, I've only just started blogging and there's not much to see there...yet.