Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Everyday Decisions

Everyday decisions.

What to have for breakfast.

What to pack for lunch.

What to wear for work, and how to get there.

Whether not to bother going at all.


Everyday decisions.

Cook dinner, or take-away.

Football or soap on TV.

Early to bed, or a late night out.


Everyday decisions.


Or Building.

Or Drugs.

Or a combination thereof.


Everyday decisions.

To Jump.

Or not.


He did.

And no-one will ever know why.

No-one will ever understand.

Nor explain his tragic, irreversible,

Everyday Decision.


Anonymous said...

Wow :/ Dr A

SPara said...

Wow, I wish there was some way to understand suicidal feelings. I went to a guy who had taken around 80 opiate based tablets, had history of suicidal behaviour yet didnt seem to recieve any help for it except a packet of anti depressants.