Tuesday, 20 April 2010


The drops are stopped in their almost perpendicular path by the windows, housed in the walls that has been their home for over sixty years. They continued their gravity-powered journey and soaked the ground below. He sits watching the weather, the tears falling from his eyes mirroring the rain, falling silently off his cheeks to the carpet, soaking in before they could leave any trail.
The door had been left open for us, and we avoided the more usual soaking whilst waiting on the doorstep.
"We're in here", comes the strangled voice from the front room. We went bundling in, four green-suited, adrenaline-driven life-savers. We were overladen with bags full of kit that we already knew, just from looking at the call on the screen, were redundant, and highly-qualified and well-trained with skills that we knew from the outset, would do no good.
We were there to confirm what he already knew, as he sat stroking her hand, her head on his shoulder.
We were there to ease the burden of him having to utter the words he could barely cope to think.
We were there to see to it that he wouldn't be left with no-one by his side, as he kissed her goodnight for the very last time.


Anonymous said...

even when you're late, you have perfect timing.


Jeramedic said...

Often simply being there, and bearing witness is the most difficult skill to master.

ambulanceamateur said...

Been there, done that. And it's still a bummer.

All we can do, as you did, is to look after the ones left behind.