Tuesday, 16 February 2010


There are certain things in this world that I know I do not, can not, or will not understand.
1) Women. But I think that's the same for any man.
2) Children. But I think that's the same for any parent.
3) Smokers. But I think that's the same for any non-smoker.
Category 3 has a sub-category. Smokers, who are still smoking, despite the fact that it is close to killing them. And they know it.
I know that it was your stressful job that started off the habit in the first place.
I know you can't turn the clock back, and not start smoking.
We both know that that's no excuse.
You know that the inhalers are less effective than they were.
You know that your breathing is getting worse by the day.
We both know that it's killing you.
Your daughter knows that you've called an ambulance, again.
Your daughter knows that she has to spend hours with you in hospital, again.
We all know that each time could be the last time.
Your daughter knows that you should stop.
You know that you could stop.
I know that you won't.
Do you think that your daughter understands?
Who knows...


Squeezey said...

Wow, once again, a powerful post. It's so frustrating to stand on the outside and look in knowing you can do nothing to change some behaviour.

Emily said...

I think it's probably denial.

One thing I cannot understand is how people who care for patients with COPD, lung cancer, and other horrible smoking-related diseases all day long are often heavier smokers than some of our patients. I know, the job is incredibly stressful, but seriously?

Eileen said...

Just wondered - do you feel the same about the other drug addicts you go to? Nicotine is just as addictive as heroin etc. And the earlier you started, the worse it is. I smoked until I met the guy I am married to - I do understand why people smoke, I LIKED the taste (then). Now I detest the smell and will do anything to avoid it - including getting out of the ski lift gondola at the middle station to get back in the next one! They must have thought I was mad but it stank - and the pigs had chucked their leftover rolls on the floor. It's the effect smoking has on the ability to understand even the pictures showing no smoking allowed that really gets me though...

stanleygoodspeed said...

Well, rightly or wrongly, smoking is still so popular at least because so many of us have evolved to think that it looks cool. I'm not a smoker, but pretty much all of my idols were. It (smoking) just epitomises the devil-may-care attitude of rock n roll.

InsomniacMedic said...

Hmmm... You've left me with something to think about. I didn't intend this post to be a criticism of smoking (although I do criticise it). I understand it's addictive, and the earlier you start, the worse it is.
I don't like it, don't understand it, can't for the life of me comprehend how anyone can like the taste or smell of it, and least of which, can't stand watching a mother kill herself in front of her child whilst doing it. If you see that as judgemental or self-righteous, then fine. I'll deal with that.
And yes - I think it's just as bad as illicit drugs. Especially if the side effects, phsical or otherwise, profoundly affect not only the person smoking, but those around them - as in this case...