Friday, 12 February 2010

The Future's Bright

I'm not overweight.
Just pocketly challenged.
This is what I carry with me on every shift, just in my pockets... Forget about the response bags!
Orange steth (in pocket, not around neck a la USA...), orange pens (2, just in case), orange tourniquets (2, just in case), orange scissors (must be 2, 'cos you can't have 1 scissor), orange button on the beepy gadget, even orange stitching on the wallet.
I need an orange strap for my ID badge.
And if only they made orange tape, keys and pen torches.
Ever get the feeling I like the colour orange?


Anonymous said...

But the future's Orange!

Bet you're glad it's not Pink.


Fee said...

Ever thought of working for Easyjet (or asking them for an orange lanyard)?

Anonymous said...

At least it matches your hair colour...Dr Abuse :)

Molliemallone said...

Maybe you should dye your hair orange Ben ;o)

Anonymous said...

ben, dont you keep you major incident card in your pocket? or i that because they are blue

Anonymous said...

Check out ebay

oh yes!!!! I expect to see you sporting one next time i see you

Sharon x

Kerry said...

I can do the orange lanyard, possible a pen torch and most certainly earplugs!

They will have jaegermeister written all over, but they are yours!


Eytan said...

I can offer you an orange wrist band and an orange ribber for your antenna. (Or would that be too political?)


Have a fun month,


Helen said...

What about the ECG crib card, the clinical waste bag, the spare pair(s) of gloves, the paedi-sats probe...

These additions may explain why my uniform trousers fight with gravity so badly. Overloaded pockets = normal ambulance person.

InsomniacMedic said...

Anon (let you off this time, not sure why) - major incident cards are in my bag. Far enough so I don't have to carry them, near enough if I need them in a hurry!
Fee - flew EasyJet recently and was almost tempted to change jobs... :)
Kerry - Yes please!!! :)
Helen - Spare gloves and ECG card yes, clini waste bag no, and I wish I could get hold of a paedi sats probe... :(
Been on Ebay - but my account is playing up - so will have to retry soon...

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Waiting for approval to jump into an envelope and head your way is an orange "Yearly Kos Convention" badge strap, with a velcro clasp and clip. Do you also need the plastic badge holder that clips to the strap? I can send it along as well. I am in California, does that matter?

Love reading your blog-i am a retired EMT reliving my moments thru you and others young and strong enough to do the job AND write about it in such an accessible platform. Thank you.

Neldo said...

You keep your wallet in your pocket...that must mean...:O...