Monday, 18 January 2010


MrsInsomniac sleep-talks.
The MiniInsomniacs also sleep-talk.
But not like this guy!
Adam's behaviour really appeals to me. This sort of behaviour would keep me highly entertained and amused for the hours upon hours that I lie in bed awake while everyone else in the house is sleeping. Assuming, that is, that I'm not at work. My insomnia just means that I don't think I hear what they say, but I actually hear it. Much like Adam's long-suffering wife.
I've put a permanent link on my blogroll to his wife's site, where she chronicles his insane nocturnal jabberings for the perusal, amusement and bemusement of all.
Oh, and I'm not at all jealous of the 4,000+ followers and almost one million hits that they've had. Not at all...

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Fee said...

Oooh, thanks. Just spent a happy five minutes over there, and will be going back later for more!

My hubby sleep-talks, but it's muttered gibberish. The kids, though, they sleep-talk to each other, and neither of them makes an ounce of sense. Much the same when they're awake, actually.