Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Smashed glass.
Fuel all over the place.
Unconscious, probably drunk driver.
Lots and lots of bystanders who all come rushing out.
I'm always amused by the fact that when attending the scene of a serious RTA, as this one was, there are people who still insist on waving frantically to show the ambulance where to go. I mean, do you really think I can't see the upside down car with the steam pouring out of it? I know, I know they're only trying to help, so I shouldn't really complain, but still. It's weird.
One of the bystanders, we'll call him GD (the reasons will become clear shortly), comes over to tell me proudly that he and one other person dragged / assisted the driver out of the upside-down car, and after a few seconds of drunken yelling and thrashing about, he collapsed into an unconscious heap, where I found him.
GD then stands watching me and talking to me as if I'm his best friend. I complete an initial assessment, sort out a collar, some oxygen, do some basic obs, and assess for any immediately life-threatening injuries. None are apparent. Had he not have been drunk, this would never have happened, but the fact that he was, probably saved his life. Ironic really.
The whole of the local fire department turn up, and look sorely disappointed when the car wasn't on fire as had been originally reported. Apparently. They're closely followed by the ambulance. We package our drunk friend, who's starting to come round a little. Frankly, it was easier when he was unconscious and wasn't claiming to be one of several Hollywood heroes whilst fighting everybody off.
The ambulance leaves, and as I start my paperwork, I'm left watching the fire brigade turn the car back onto its wheels and then sweep up the mess. A voice behind me startles me a little, and I turn round to see GD standing there, proud as a peacock. "You don't remember me, do you?," he says. "You were at my house six weeks ago!"
I search the recesses of my brain but in the chaos can't place him at all. He must have seen the blank look on my face. "You were at my house", he adds, "for something completely different. Just as messy, though. Don't you remember? You delivered my... "
"Grandson!" we both said, simultaneously.
I'd delivered his grandson not two months previous, in the house right by the scene of the crash. I knew the house looked familiar.
"Don't you remember? I floated round the house yelling to everyone on the street: I'm a GrandDad! I'm a GrandDad!"
Cue huge grin.
Oh yes, GD. I do remember.


medic999 said...

That gave me a big grin too Ben!

Don't you just love moments like that!

Fee said...

To you, just another event on a busy shift. To him, an event he'll never forget.