Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Dear All,
I have been toying for some time with the idea of blocking anonymous comments on the blog. Whilst I want to encourage conversation, I find it difficult to respond when, for example on the last post, there are FIVE anonymous comments. And then debate begins between them. So, in order to not turn away those who wish to hide, I haven't blocked them. Yet. But...
I'm now starting to moderate every comment that comes in, and every comment that doesn't arrive with at least initials at the bottom of it, be they real or even fake initials, will be rejected. You can use nicknames, daft names, real names, whatever (within reason please), but you must use at least some form of identification.
In the meantime, please keep reading, commenting, and debating.
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Good idea


stuartandbabs said...

1, Very sensible,
2, Excellent Blog

Anonymous said...

But what fun is it if we can't wind you up when we see you face to face!


Ben Yatzbaz said...

Thanks JB and Stuart. ZQ - I reckon I know who you are anyway - so I'm sure the windups will continue... :)

Anonymous said...

so what are my real initials then?


Jumblerant said...

I agree and disagree with what anonymous said.

Lucky we're not all working in serious, life and death jobs isn't it??