Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Note to Self

You'd think that over the years, and after the previous post, you'd have learnt your lesson.

Don't say out loud what you're thinking.

It's damned likely to happen.


So, if you feel the need to say to the The Mrs just before you leave for work that you feel like there's a big job out there tonight, don't. Just don't.

Even if it does mean you get to wake up certain people in the middle of the night.

Thus endeth the Note to Self.

1 comment:

Tom said...

I believe the unfortunate you woke from his slumber was RRD. You must be very popular with Mrs RRD?

By even thinking such dark thoughts, you invoke good old 'sods' law, which to my shame I have fallen foul of on several occasions.

My oppo and I expected a nice 'Q' word night. Armed with my video, and his suspect 'arty' films, we got to work early and set the equipment up. Eagerly expecting a lads night in we settled down to our 'arty film' night.

Night shifts on this day were generally very quiet. However with the intervention of sods law our first call was within 5 minutes of the start of the shift, and we managed to get back about 20 minutes after the shifts end.

Remember do not say the Q word, and never predict excitement, lest you want kismet to bite you on the rear.