Sunday, 15 November 2009


You know what? I understand.
I understand that you have strong religious beliefs. And I respect that.
I understand that you have a long list of do's and don't's. And I accept that.
I understand that you'd rather not have a man deliver your baby. And I can deal with that.
But only because there happened to be a female paramedic with me.
What would you have said if there wasn't?
What would you have done?
Would you still have slammed the door in my face?
No. I don't know either.
Oh, and by the way -


Tom said...

A baby is a baby. My lovely jewess would happily strangle you, and do the 'EXORCIST GIRL' if you failed to get the MATPACK and gas/air toot sweet.

Not only do I refer to the 'swingy/turning' head thing from the film, but my wife is a lover of 'nice people' during delivery.

Hence I am a nice person, and within 6 weeks of my start on front line ambos, I delivered a sprog. Details are to follow, but even now I shudder in horror, at the difference with my boss in a hospital, and me in the back of a blood buggy.

slmiller72 said...

When we dial 999 we cannot pick and choose the gender/ethnicity/sexual orientation of the crew that comes out us! How rude of this woman!!!

I have to throw this bone of contention into the argument - Why is she calling an ambulance in the first place? The age old statement " pregnancy isn't an illness/ you've had 9 months to plan your mode of transport to hospital" etc etc springs to mind. More often than not we are a free taxi to hospital.

However, if like many women you have misjudged your stage of labour/contractions etc and are about to deliver your bundle of joy - then beggars cannot be choosers. You get what you are given. Which is better than nothing at all!

Rant over :)