Thursday, 1 October 2009


So, you had an accident, right?
You crashed into a lamp-post, right?
Not a car crash, just you that ran into the lamp-post, right?
And you have a small cut on your eyebrow, right?
For which you called an ambulance, right?
And while you waited for the ambulance, you went to buy some beer, right?
And the reason you called the ambulance was because you wanted a plaster for your boo-boo, right?
Right. Right. OK. Right. A plaster. Right.
*One flustered paramedic finds a plaster buried in the car somewhere, and with great self-restraint places plaster on boo-boo*
Thanks. I didn't have enough money for beer and plasters.
Well, at least he said thanks.


The Explorer said...

I think "/facepalm" is the only response to that.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps free plasters with every 6pack of beer purchased?? Or indeed have them all ready to use on said lamposts??

Cuts out the " flustered" middle man!

Fee said...

I hope you at least made sure the sticky bit of the plaster was on his actual eyebrow, so when he takes it off he gets a free waxing thrown in. Then he has to spend the next couple of weeks looking half surprised all the time! Although probably still not as surprised as you were.

Ben Yatzbaz said...

Me? Stick the plaster on his ACTUAL eyebrow? How could you accuse me of such callous behaviour................?????