Sunday, 16 August 2009

Abused. Again.

Medic999 has had enough. And I don't blame him. Go read about it first, and then come back. I whinged about the same subject a while back, and fully understand where he's coming from. He was sent back to station after his incident, to recover. Also known as have a cup of tea and fill in the paperwork. But that's where we all leave it. So what do you think? Would you take this sort of abuse or is this beyond the point that we should put up with? Would you report this type of behaviour to the police, or just leave him under guard in A&E (with hospital security, not police) and stew in your own juices?
I know what I'd do.


Anonymous said...

you need a nationwide blacklist of people who if you saw them in a burning car on the motorway, you wouldn't pull them clear.

but of course you wouldn't lower yourself to their level.


slmiller72 said...

With these types of jobs here's what I would do:

1)Hit ambient listening button on my rdio as soon as he gets abusive/ kicking off

2)Police intervention - my safety is after all, being threatened.

3)After the incident, OTR to fill out LA52 - our bosses need to know what we have to put up with whilst doing our jobs

And that's what it boils down to - we are doing our jobs and should be able to do so without fear of harrassment, predjudice or assault.

People like the one Medic 999 went out to, although this is rather drastic, should forgo their right to an amb in the future if their behavour is proven to be non medically related/linked eg aggravated head inj etc etc.

These lowlives of society don't deserve our care and attention...