Sunday, 19 July 2009

Safety in Numbers

Just as an aside, the "Hit Counter" that was on this blog seemed to be more trouble than it was worth, causing varying types of error messages to appear, as well as several disgruntled messages from people trying to leave comments and being unable to do so. Hopefully the problem is now rectified, but it means I've got to start counting all over again. So apologies to the 8,500 (ok, ok, I know it's probably 4 people lots of times, but still...) who have been erased from the count, but I hope you all come back again!
Proper post to follow soon, but in the meantime, for those cardiac orientated people out there - a treat. I saw this on Medic999's blog a while back and thought it was worth sharing. Enjoy!


slmiller72 said...

Hi Ben..

Glad it wasn't only me who had probs trying to post... also glad it has hopefully been rectified!!

As for the dancing doc? Brilliant! If only there were enough room in the amb. Imagine a certain Cardiac lecturer for the LAS doing that dance???

keep up the good posts :)

Anonymous said...

Ben... Ben... Ben...

What have you inflicted done???

I've just watched the video of the Dancing ECG man and I don't know what I'm more worried about: the fact that it *actually* made me understand ECG's a bit better than I do at the mo or that the next I go to a patient with an arrhythmia in the vid, I'll end up doing the dance infront of them... and probably their family... and our Sector Trainer... as Mr Bradley walks past with Fiona Moore :|

Sponge Bob thanks you SO much Ben!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

*minus "inflicted"*... Poop :|