Monday, 22 June 2009

Zero Tolerance

I've been marvelling at the courage and patience shown by Nick Horobin, an EMT who was seriously injured in an attack on the ambulance he was driving back in 2001. If you go to the link you'll see that he's now chosen to go into nursing, after his career in the Ambulance Service was cut cruelly short by thugs. Or in this case potential murderers. Good luck to you Nick.
The thing is, these attacks still go on. Eight years after Nick's attack. Despite threats of "zero tolerance" there seems to be no stopping them. A few months ago when I was the target of some verbal, physical and racist abuse I actually went to the police. It didn't help that the "patient" was also threatening to kill me. I went because it was "that bad", not the "normal" sort of abuse we encounter on a regular basis. More often than not we ignore the vile creatures who feel it within their rights to say what they like or do as they wish. The "I've paid my taxes" brigade. We don't report it, not internally and not to the police, despite the fact that it goes on all the time. Or maybe because it does. I wonder what the answer really is. I wonder if we're ever likely to stop it happening, or whether we're just resigned to it happening.
Just as an aside, my complaint to the police got as far as the CPS and was then dropped. Apparently it was "Not in the Public interest". Zero Tolerance? Don't think so.

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