Monday, 25 May 2009

School's (knocked) out!

It was a grey and overcast day, which was normal.
It was cold, which was normal.
I was waiting to pick up my kids from school, which was normal.
I was asked by one of the mums if I was the paramedic, which was, surprisingly, normal.
She told me that the school had just called an ambulance. This was definitely not normal.
After initially being told by the school admin staff to mind my own business, they did eventually let me in to go and help. Apparently a 10-year-old child was knocked out in the playground. Having been called more times than I can remember to schools to an unconscious child who wasn't, I was a little skeptical. However, as I got to the playground, I saw that this time was different. The child was unconscious. She'd been knocked over by another child as they ran in different directions, and a teacher who saw it happen described how her head hit the floor and nothing happened after that. Slowly she started coming round, and seemed to be in a post-fit daze. She'd been incontinent, which often happens when someone fits. A fit after a head injury can sometimes indicate a serious injury, so I was a little concerned.
With very little kit I felt kind of useless, but luckily I didn't really have to do very much other than to keep her airway clear, keep her calm, and keep her still. I once again had in my mind "So this is what it feels like to wait for an ambulance"... The crew turned up a few minutes later, and I was pleased to see that I knew one of them. It made the hand-over easier, as I didn't have to explain who I was and what I was doing there. They immobilised the patient, and by the time they were ready to go, her mum had turned up as well, so she went with them too. Job done, I went back to picking up my own children.
Kids. Who'd have 'em???
I really shouldn't be let out in public any more. I just seem to attract trouble. Or maybe it just attracts me...

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