Saturday, 4 April 2009

Phone Rage Too...

RapidResponseDoc has written a brilliant post on the disease which I think, to some extent, all paramedics suffer from. I know that I do. Phone Rage is a disease, but I think it's one I don't mind having. I also have Child Not Wearing Seatbelt Rage, but more of that another time.
Whilst out walking with my hyperactive kids, waiting to cross a fairly busy, but nevertheless 30mph road, two cars, obviously racing each other, went flying past us. They must have been travelling at least twice the speed limit. One of them was clearly holding his phone to his ear.
Ten seconds later there was the very satisfying sound of a police siren, as a police car that had been well hidden pulled out of a side road, and tugged the two of them. Even more satisfying was walking past the scene again about an hour later (still with same hyperactive, but now somewhat exhausted kids) to see the car belonging to Mr I Own The Road being loaded onto a tow-truck.
I know that it's wrong to gloat, and I know that revenge is a nasty thing, and I know you shouldn't wish ill on people, but.......................
I'd rather there wasn't a need for Phone Rage, but while there are selfish drivers out there willing to (break the law and) put me and other innocent people at risk, I'm not planning on any therapy for my Phone Rage problem.
And by the way - Well done RapidResponseDoc!

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RapidResponseDoc said...

Thanks, Ben Yatz, always nice to hear a fellow blogger's views