Friday, 6 March 2009

When you read you begin with ABC...

As it happens, tonight (for it is now 05.30 and I'm towards the end of another night shift) is a good time to start composing. I've had a fairly busy night, and for a change most of the people who called for an ambulance tonight, at least those who I was called to, genuinely needed the help.

Admittedly I'm working on a First Response Unit (FRU for future reference) so I'm supposedly called to the most genuine and serious calls, but that logic doesn't always work. A call to someone having a panic attack can easily be categorised as highly as someone having a heart attack. More of this at a later date.

There's been a range of breathing problems, chest pains, poorly children, allergic reactions and one RTC (or RTA or car crash...).

On the subject of poorly children, I'd like to offer some advice. If your child has a fever, please, PLEASE don't put 15 layers of clothing on them. Yes, they will complain it's cold. Yes, they will shiver lots and lots. But at least you'll be helping bring down the temperature and hopefully stop them from having a fit.

Oh, and another thing... Can someone please explain the logic of people putting toothpaste on burns??? Water? Yes! Burns dressings? Yes! Toothpaste? WHY???

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